Expert Management Consulting, Sales Training and Sustainability Consulting Services

Management consulting and sustainability are of the utmost importance to today’s businesses and an absolute necessity for great leadership.

Ecliptic Consulting Group’s management consulting programs are broad and multifaceted – encompassing all disciplines of management, sustainability, leadership and business development. We provide instructional expertise to clients, expanding their internal talent and business growth opportunities across the globe. Ecliptic Consulting Group leads the private sector to provide:

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Leadership Development


“The Ecliptic Consulting Group was recommended to me while I was Director of Training at a $70 Million capital equipment company. ECG worked with my US team and even the seasoned veterans admitted they learned many new approaches and ideas from the sessions. This grew our top line sales by 14% in the first year with ECG! The response was the same at two other companies I’ve brought them into.”Kit Czarnecki
Konica Medical


Ecliptic Consulting Group Beginnings

In 1958, Persuasive Communication was born in the Management School of Northwestern University in Chicago. In 1995, Persuasive Communication merged with Ecliptic Consulting Group. Since then Ecliptic has been privileged to work with some of the most exciting businesses on the planet and our client list includes one of the largest travel services companies and one of the largest Biotech firms in the world.


Powerful Management Consulting and Global Leadership Development

For organizations to be successful in a global economy, they must stay ahead of developing market forces that affect business. There is no greater force in a global economy than professionally developed people that have the skills to make positive things happen.

In 2000, ECGPC led the world in powerful Management Consulting and global Leadership Development with two outstanding partners: a global leader in healthcare and a top environmental firm in over 70 countries. Today, with over a decade of international business consulting and personal development training we have invented and mastered the best practices of how to equip leaders with the powerful people skills necessary to be successful on a global stage.

Experienced Sustainability

Experienced Sustainability Business Consultants

Sustainability and organizational profits are now, more than ever, linked. Ecliptic’s sustainable business consultants will help you develop a sustainability strategy that maximizes your people and your profits. Through our sustainability consulting services we move your organization beyond simply defining environmental sustainability. We have developed sustainability programs tailored to our clients business addressing the 3P’s of sustainable performance: People, Profits and Planet. Strategic Sustainable Management must achieve improved economic, social, and environmental performance for your company steering its growth and sustained competitive advantage.


We Provide Management Consulting Services with Advanced Career Training

With a team of highly educated and skilled management consultants, we utilize our proprietary Management Analysis Wagon© tool to focus on: the markets you serve; the products or services you bring to the market; the people that make up your teams and staff; the strategic direction of your business and your growth strategy. Our management consulting services enable key individuals within your organization to improve performance through an appreciation of sound business principles and practical experience. This is more than advanced career training or a sales management training course – it is strategic global positioning!


Strategic Business Development with Organizational Leadership Training Seminars

Our Strategic Business Development practice optimizes your company’s overall performance through Organizational Leadership Training. We examine your key accounts, people development, strategic partnering, succession planning and strategic human resource development. We view all of this from the lens of a sustainable business model that is unique to your company without losing sight of industry specific trends and other external factors. We educate, enhance and train key executives through organizational leadership training seminars like KAM, a course that targets employees that call on key accounts, This Ecliptic course targets employees that call on your most important clients, teaching them to identify opportunities and make strategic business recommendations within your business landscape.


“Your approach to the subject is more than just the presentation of sales and marketing techniques in the name of some training course which typically can be taught by just about any instructor. ERM is buying a training course, but you are delivering the transfer of knowledge about the human component of marketing gained during your life. You have just established a potential key account relationship between your company and the ERM of the future.”Jim LaRegina
Senior Technical Project Manager
Environmental Resources Management

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