Ecliptic Consulting Group, (ECG) is a multi-industry adult education and skills development company.

We live in a business world that moves at light-speed. Innovate is a message we hear again and again. Do more with less. Move faster than the competition. Be smarter than the rest. Create market share. Own your outcomes. Be the best in the world at what you do.

Does this sound familiar? At ECG, we hear these messages every day. Our clients hire the best and brightest minds in the world. Whether the expertise is engineering, environmental consulting, sales, operations, or information technology, the organizations we work with are truly world class. Given that they have cultivated such an expert workforce, why would they need us?

It’s one thing to have the ability to generate ideas, solutions, or systems. It’s another talent altogether to be able to move those ideas through an organization-to advocate for a particular position. We help our clients mold great minds into great communicators.

Persuasive Communication isn’t a new concept. It’s a proven communication tool with a rich history. In 1959, our founder, Maynard Garfield was captivating business school students at Northwestern University in Chicago, Illinois. He taught his students that, “Effective communication in a business setting must carry the power of persuasion not in the product or service but in the person.” Graduates of his courses became more successful in their careers than their counterparts-not because of their analytical skills (which are a given at high levels), but because of their new skills as advocates of ideas that gained acceptance at remarkable rates. One early example increased the engineered solutions acceptance from a dismal 20% to an incredible 65% within a major engineering firm.

The students of Persuasive Communication were able to move an idea through an organization successfully. They were creating powerful relationships with the clients they served. They had tapped into the secrets of understanding human behavior and communication. Organization leaders began to recognize the contribution graduates made immediately to the bottom line.

Maynard Garfield wasn’t the first to launch this type of venture, but there was something that distanced Persuasive Communication from other training firms. Training wasn’t a stand-alone event. Persuasive Communication became an ongoing and integral part of a firm’s continuing development activities. The concept of a “Learning Organization” was born as clients used Persuasive Communication repeatedly over a ten-, fifteen-, or twenty-year period. A long-term, multi-layered approach to the development of people provided two major benefits:

  1. Organizations could track the direct financial impact the training was having. They could measure the effectiveness of the employees enrolled in the program against those who were not. They saw their financial picture changing for the better.
  2. The participants were getting their specific needs met. They were able to apply the learning into their everyday work life. Unlike other training approaches, organizations found that the long-term commitment to employees translated into lower turnover, deeper commitment to the organization, and a better equipped workforce.

In 1995, Persuasive Communication merged with The Ecliptic Consulting Group. Ecliptic Consulting Group Persuasive Communication (ECGPC) has since broadened its client services capacity to benefit locations around the globe. Often US based companies have challenges exporting their training globally as issues with business culture, language, etc. stand in the path of sharing best practices in training. In 2001, ECGPC began important global Leadership programs with two powerful partners; one a global leader in healthcare, and the other a top environmental firm in over 70 countries. Now with almost a decade of international leadership development, we regularly get feedback from international clients experiencing the same benefits mentioned before-financial health, a more loyal and better equipped workforce. Participants leave with real business skills-universal behavioral tools that have positive effects everywhere they are used.

ECGPC offers more than 100 customized seminars each of which is organized specifically into a progressive knowledge format for our clients. Progressive knowledge lays a solid foundation and then builds on current skills, continually driving the skills onto the next level of professional development. For organizations to be successful in a global economy, they must stay ahead of developing market forces that affect business. There is no greater force in this economy than professionally developed people that have the skills to make things happen.

We believe the correct development of people takes time, dedication, and our progressive knowledge approach. We believe in reinforcing concepts over time so that participants leave our program with skills engrained, not just taught. We believe in building a solid foundation and adding to that with successive learning experiences-those that happen in the classroom and those that happen in the workplace.

Client organizations trust ECGPC will be there in real time with a proven, consistent message changing the behavior of their companies for positive outcomes. This approach has been a valued resource for many successful companies globally since 1958.