Advanced Advocacy Skills for Technical Personnel

Unique in the arena of human professional development, ECG/Persuasive Communication offers advocacy skills for professionals who must convince others of the weight and importance or relevance of their ideas.

Professionals in many fields should develop the skills and business savvy needed to meet the challenges of the modern workplace, including strong marketing and advocacy skills.

It is paramount to have a management philosophy reflective of the larger organization’s goals, articulated through a concrete statement of objectives, strategies, and tactics of how you will get to your goals. We must promote ourselves, our departments and our services to senior management. Polishing informal conversational skills for impromptu marketing and advocacy opportunities is as important in this regard as effective budgeting and proposal writing.

In this powerful module, each person receives the personal attention required to get maximum benefit from the program. By building their own persuasive model for their advocacy.

Clients as varied as Johnson and Johnson to the Chicago Board of Trade have used our Advocacy skills development course to further their business goals, get more ideas in action, and polish their people into powerful, persuasive individuals.