Building Key Accounts

KAM is the Ecliptic Consulting Group’s practical guide to account management. It puts the reality into phrases such as building a business partnership a concept claimed by many companies but achieved by few. It tries to explain in usable terms what goes into an account plan and the other forms and processes of account management.

Using three continuing case studies, personal action points and accounts of actual successful (and failed) sales, this series will take you through the essence and detail of key account selling.

This is not a “quick fix” but a serious analysis of how one company can do business with another – for mutual benefit.

This course targets employees that call on key accounts, as well as those that support them.

Course Highlights:

  • Understanding the account planning process
  • Developing data and trending for key accounts
  • Identifying research resources
  • Developing a 12 month strategy for key accounts
  • Becoming a problem solving resource within your key account
  • Applying quality relationships to increase customer loyalty

Using your key clients as a guide, we build in seminar a real action plan to be carried out by a variety of people within your organization. This very much is a process course instead of a skills course. Attendees are encouraged to return after 6 weeks to review their actual results to the action plans. This course has a huge effect on the overall sales revenues for our clients.