Executive Negotiation Skills

Persuasive Communication® demands that you are adept at negotiating. If you need to get something done with another person, you rarely order them to do it…you negotiate! Negotiating skills are crucial for everyone who works in teams, with other departments, and with clients.

Most negotiations take place within the context of an ongoing relationship. Persuasive Communication removes interpersonal tension, pressure, and anxiety by using negotiation skills.

To obtain a win-win outcome it is necessary to understand both your own beliefs, values and objectives and those of the other party. So, the skills that support negotiation success are important life and social skills. They include:

  • Listening
  • Understanding other people’s point of view
  • Checking out beliefs and assumptions (of both sides!)
  • Identifying areas of agreement
  • Points of leverage and blockages
  • Lateral thinking to find other ways of achieving an objective
  • Flexibility and sensitivity

The workshop presents the Value Added Negotiation model, an enhancement of an approach first developed by Maynard Garfield and popularized in over 40 years of customized seminars. This action-oriented approach will help you reach a true win-win outcome.

Extensive use of examples, case studies and practice negotiations will prepare you to use the Value Added Negotiation approach in the real world. Practice negotiations are custom tailored to reflect typical situations in your organization.

  • Positional vs. value added negotiation
  • Negotiating with different behavioral types (the HBA model)
  • Power negotiation countering tactics