Group Selling and Presentation Skills for the Technical Person®

Style impacts the perception of substance. The way people conduct themselves in front of a group goes a long way toward establishing credibility and trust with a client.

In a typical situation, a potential client may have sent out a Request for Proposal (RFP) to seven or eight different competitors. Most likely they have all responded with extensive written proposals, and may have invested $10,000 to $30,000 in time and expense. The potential client has had their technical staff examine each response as to the bidder’s understanding of the problem and technical adequacy of their approach to a solution. They then make a short-list of the two or three firms that are equally qualified to do the project.

All of the competitors are eminently qualified in their technical specialty, but most have never been trained in how to group sell; i.e., how to make the audience want to learn; how to handle hecklers who do not want to be there. The presenter has never been trained to sell the material “on stage.”

In response to these common situations, ECG/PC developed, Group Selling and Presentation Skills for the Technical Person. Topics include:

  • Understanding and persuading your audience
  • Customizing your presentation to the needs of the audience
  • How to properly pace the presentation
  • Encouraging and discouraging questions
  • Proper use of audio/visual technology
  • How to handle confrontation and gain group commitment
  • Understanding the organizational politics in the room

We use video and intense personal reviews to change behavior and create powerful presentations replacing weak, technical data-dumps.

This course is limited to 15 Participant-2 1/2 days.