Management Skills Development

Being technically competent at your job no longer guarantees success. It’s your ability to accomplish tasks and goals with and through people that will determine how successful you will be.

ECG recognizes that not everyone is born a good manager. But, with the right attitude, training, and coaching, people can learn. Whether you’re a first time manager, or a “seasoned” veteran looking to enhance your ability to manage people more effectively, this seminar is essential.

In this course we cover major managerial skill sets such as Time Management, Problem Solving, Principals of Management, Human Resource Development and Dealing with difficult issues with subordinates and superiors.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn to manage your time more effectively and accomplish more
  • Understand your behavioral style and how it affects others
  • Learn how to manage change and innovation
  • Develop effective communication and listening strategies
  • Study current human resource management practices
  • Enhance your ability to manage conflict
  • Learn the secrets to motivation and team development

Effective Management Training enables key individuals within your organization to improve performance through an appreciation of sound business principles and ‘real-life’ practical experience.