Professional Leadership Development by Ecliptic

Leadership development is a systematic effort to enhance someone’s ability to lead, an undertaking focused on developing the leadership abilities and attitudes of individuals. Our brand of leadership, as well as the organizational leadership training seminars we offer, requires diplomacy, top of the line people skills, persuasion, advocacy skills and excellent presentation ability. We strongly feel a good leader doesn’t just lead, they lead by example.

Leadership development offers your high potentials the opportunity to hone their skills, smooth out their flat spots and learn to grow in their current position through skill enhancement and collaborative networking.

The next decade in business will demand a new set of leaders that will tackle and problem solve issues on a global scale. The Ecliptic Consulting Group’s Leadership Development Programs and organizational leadership training seminars have been adopted on a world wide scale by companies as diverse as Johnson and Johnson to Kendro. The in-depth and fully customized approach to your business combined with decades of Leadership implementation makes the development process truly a career altering experience. Most of our Leadership Development and Organizational Leadership Training Seminar graduates are now running and growing companies in more than 42 countries spreading the leadership concept worldwide while enhancing the people that work for them.

In addition to individual leadership development, team leadership development teaches an executive group how to look, think and accomplish tasks like a team. For a business to run smoothly it’s essential that the executive team be able to operate efficiently while using each member’s patterns, strengths, weaknesses and goals to achieve success. Most every committee that is loosely put together and given random tasks is going to fail almost instantly.

The Ecliptic Consulting Group’s decades of experience along with strong ties to the latest academic research on teams and leadership gives you the best opportunity for success.