Mergers and Acquisitions by Ecliptic

Ecliptic’s Mergers and Acquisitions Value Success

Merger and acquisition activity has been heating up since the financial debacle of the great recession. As firms attempt to grow into new markets and capabilities, a commonly tapped source for growth is the much misunderstood merger. Depending on what study you cite, as many as 8 in 10 mergers fail to create business value! (CBS News report 2012). Despite this abominable track record, firms continue to march into mergers with very little planning on what do we do after we merge?

Because the merger and acquisition market is so vital to firm growth, Ecliptic Consulting Group has created a dedicated practice to assist our growing clients in the dicey arena of mergers and acquisitions. With our consultant’s expertise, we will build a structure so your company avoids these common merger and acquisition missteps. The top reasons that mergers fail are:

Culture Clash: Think Apple merging with GM and the massacre that would ensue with the people. Corporate culture is vital and yet rarely do firms have a plan for meshing cultures to successful completion.

Post-Merger Wander: The two firms work diligently on the deal to merge and then the integration and merger plan wanders off seemingly without leadership or planning.

Being Human: The big personalities that made a firm successful are mismanaged. Often these large personalities persuade staff and many times to the detriment of the firm. Being human, staff begins to actively look for new positions and most go to competitors.

Bad Pass: The key players and entrepreneurial spirit of the acquired is a big part of the firm value, yet a few years later, the founders and key principals decide to ‘pursue other interests’. This mess is a bad pass from leadership and is completely avoidable.

We have a powerful record of shepherding our clients through successful mergers and acquisitions, specifically the people and culture components. You could do this alone and join among the ranks of which 80% fail, or you could experience success with Ecliptic’s mergers and acquisitions. Give us a call today at 800-789-3254.