Professional Management Consulting by Ecliptic

Our management consulting practice is focused on businesses that are looking for solutions to their most vexing issues. Whether the challenge is in company vision, strategic planning, tactical implementation, or people, we examine and partner with businesses to create and manage change.

When done improperly, the implementation of management consulting strategy can be detrimental to the life of the firm. So common is the failure, even major organizations botch business strategy. Reed Hastings, the CEO of Netflix was the brainchild of their strategy that almost cratered the company in late 2011. Arthur Andersen had a great strategy except for the one major issue that allowed the entire company to unravel. As you look back to the near past, what happened at Kmart, Xerox, AOL, HP, and Kodak? Great strategic ideas with no implementation is called Passive Management. This is characterized by assuming that plans will run themselves after we get them started. We suggest that implementing strategic plans is more like keeping up with being physically fit, if you don’t put forth a regular effort to keep in shape, the whole plan and health strategy falls apart. If you have had great ideas fail, contact our management consultants and embrace a new plan for high-level strategic implementation.