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Born in the Kellogg School of Business at Northwestern University, The Ecliptic Consulting Group integrates the very latest in management and leadership research into every session we teach. 

Business Development

Business Development is part of our core history. The approach based on the concepts of Persuasive Communication begins with your company’s overall business strategy and results in a truly custom BD implementation program.

Our management consulting practice is focused on businesses that are looking for solutions to their most vexing issues. Whether the challenge is in company vision, strategic planning, tactical implementation, or people

Ecliptic concentrates on the big “S” of Sustainability by developing your company’s ultimate resource: its people. Ecliptic will develop a sustainability program tailored to your unique business without using generic

Who is ECG?

In 2001, ECGPC began important global leadership programs with two powerful partners: a global leader in healthcare and a top multinational environmental engineering firm.


Today, with decades of global leadership development, the results are apparent--enhanced financial health, a more loyal and better-equipped workforce, and a dramatic reduction in talent attrition. There is no greater force in a global economy than professionally developed people with the skills to make the business grow, stay agile, innovate, and drive financial performance. 

What is ECG?

Ecliptic Consulting Group is a multi-industry corporate education and skills development company. We mold great minds into great communicators. 

We believe talent development takes time, dedication, and a progressive knowledge approach. We reinforce concepts over time so that participants leave our programs with skills engrained, not just taught. We believe in building a solid skills foundation and building on it with successive learning experiences - those that happen in the classroom and those that happen in the workplace.

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