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Leadership Development

Leadership development delivers your high potentials an opportunity to hone their skills, smooth out their flat spots, and learn to grow in their current role through skill enhancement and collaborative networking.


The next decade in business will demand a new set of leaders that will tackle and solve issues on a global scale. The Ecliptic Consulting Group’s Leadership Development Programs and organizational leadership training sessions have been integrated with strategic planning by multinationals from Johnson and Johnson to Ramboll Environmental.  Many of our LDP graduates are now running and growing companies in more than 42 countries spreading our leadership concepts worldwide while enhancing the talent in their teams.


Corporate Training

Born in the Kellogg School of Business at Northwestern University, The Ecliptic Consulting Group integrates the very latest in management and leadership research into every session we teach. This cutting-edge approach keeps even the most experienced veterans fully engaged learning and practicing new skill sets. Our corporate training practice is one of the oldest and most respected in the industry and we are proud to count most of today’s fortune 500 as clientsOur consultants create tremendous behavioral change and return on investment for your company. Read our testimonials and see what our clients are saying about results.


Mergers and Acquisitions

Merger and acquisition activity has been slowly returning after the financial debacle of the great recession. As firms attempt to grow into new markets and capabilities, a commonly tapped source for growth is the much-misunderstood merger. Depending on what study you cite, as many as 8 in 10 mergers fail to create business value! (CBS News report 2012). Despite this abominable track record, firms continue to march into mergers with very little people strategy on what to do after we put two companies together.


Because the merger and acquisition market is so vital to firm growth, Ecliptic Consulting Group has created a dedicated practice to assist our growing clients in the dicey arena of mergers and acquisitions.


The top reasons that mergers fail are:

  • Culture Clash: Think of Apple merging with GM and the massacre that would ensue with the people. Corporate culture is vital and yet rarely do firms have a plan for meshing cultures to maximize business value.

  • Post-Merger Wander: The two firms work diligently on the deal to merge and then the integration and merger plan wanders off seemingly without leadership or planning.

  • Being Human: The big personalities that made a firm successful are mismanaged. Often these large personalities persuade staff and many times to the detriment of the firm. Being human, staff begins to actively look for new positions and most go to competitors.

  • Bad Pass: The key players and entrepreneurial spirit of the acquired is a big part of the firm value, yet a few years later, the founders and key principals decide to ‘pursue other interests’. This mess is a bad pass from leadership and is completely avoidable.


We have a powerful record of guiding our clients through successful mergers and acquisitions, specifically the people and culture components. 


Expert Sales Training & Sales Development Consulting

Many firms in the STEM space have excellent offerings, are technically astute, have a team of forward deployed engineers, yet they lack the commercial training and acumen to maximize the investment. Ecliptic works with your structure to build lasting and robust sales process through a blend of innovative training tools, professional development, and management to allow your firm to dramatically increase client engagement and therefore proposal opportunities. 


Cultural Awareness for Global Business

ECG's consultants and instructors bring enterprise value into business culture. We explore the differences both obvious and subtle and then coach our attendees through the behavioral changes required for success in their specific roles. Our level of in-depth customization is the best in the world and your people will benefit from the education and new global business behaviors they will master. 


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