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Our History

Ecliptic Consulting Group is a multi-industry corporate education and skills development company

We mold great minds into great communicators. Persuasive Communication isn’t a new concept. It’s a proven business tool with a storied history. In the 1950s, our founder, Maynard Garfield, captivated business school students at Northwestern University in Chicago, Illinois. He taught his graduate students “Effective communication in a business must carry the power of persuasion - not in the product or service, but in the person.” NU graduates soon became more successful in their careers than their counterparts, not because of their analytical skills which are a given at high levels, but because of their new skills as advocates of ideas that gained acceptance at remarkable rates.


Learning Organization

The concept of a Learning Organization was born as clients integrated Persuasive Communication repeatedly over a ten-, fifteen-, or twenty-year period. A long-term, multi-layered approach to the development of people provided two major benefits:​

  • Organizations could track the direct financial impact of the training  

  • The participants were getting their specific needs met. They were able to apply the learning to their everyday work life 

In 1995, Persuasive Communication merged with The Ecliptic Consulting Group. ECG/Persuasive Communication (ECGPC) has since broadened its client services capacity around the globe. Often, US-based companies have challenges exporting their training globally due to issues with business culture, language, and practices standing in the path of talent development.


Today, with decades of global leadership development, the results are apparent--enhanced financial health, a more loyal and better-equipped workforce, and a dramatic reduction in talent attrition. There is no greater force in a global economy than professionally developed people with the skills to make the business grow, stay agile, innovate, and drive financial performance. 


We believe talent development takes time, dedication, and a progressive knowledge approach. We reinforce concepts over time so that participants leave our programs with skills engrained, not just taught. We believe in building a solid skills foundation and building on it with successive learning experiences - those that happen in the classroom and those that happen in the workplace.

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