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What our clients say

“Our team was recently in a negotiation with EPA. In less than three hours,

I was able to convince them that our creative and innovative risk assessment

approaches, while advanced and unique from anything they’ve seen before, are

acceptable. Big win for the client (and us).

The lessons and skills I learned in your training continue to be a huge asset for me. 

Thank you so much.” 


Kevin Long
Senior Manager



"I have been applying what you taught us about advocacy and the results are amazing.

My new boss and my line coordinator are now on my side, the different departments are now actually giving me support and the people on the production floor now share my ideas. This is awesome!”


Gil Coronado

Johnson and Johnson


“Just a note to say thanks and to let you know how appreciative I am for the coaching and encouragement. Your abilities are special for sure. I have learned a lot and plan to work to plug it into what I do on a regular basis, professionally and personally. Thanks again!”


Keith Corley

Koch Ag & Energy Solutions


“I can say without equivocation that the communication, sales, client engagement, and negotiation training that I received from Ecliptic Consulting Group early in my career (and as it progresses) are the cornerstone of my successes. The skills that I learned have helped me in sales situations, managing difficult clients, and leading people. Within my BU, the difference is communication competence between Partners who have received that training and those who have not is apparent; no other internal or external training has been as influential in my career, and I identify that training as a fundamental component of our future growth. Given their preexisting knowledge of our organization, coupled with an outsider’s perspective on our organization and industry benchmarking (rather than an internal initiative), we could benefit from working with ECG as partners in our success; I applaud the historical and current leadership of my BU for their investment in that partnership.”


James T. Descheneaux



“ECG has been a fantastic partner over the years. Your curriculum is critical in providing the persuasive skills needed for our associates in their careers at J&J. Thanks again for all you do.”


Renee Griffis
Grainger, Training and Development Director


“As consultants in a service industry, we knew clearly that, in order to grow, we needed to spend more of the energies of the senior talent (the owners) on finding and booking additional work. My partners made the commitment to do so. With the help of your training, we were able to arrest a declining backlog. We did that so well, our backlog is the highest its been in several years. With your help, we have gained a deep appreciation for how hard it is to sell, how long it takes. We know that today’s efforts will pay off in six to nine months so we keep at it. I look forward to discussing our backlog trend with you in the future.”


Peter Regan


“I have participated in numerous Ecliptic training sessions throughout the last three years. The combination of fresh content, impact-full delivery methods, and your ability to interact with and engage the audience resulted in us not only absorbing the material but also executing the skills and tools as if they were almost second nature. In addition, it’s clear through our frequent communications over the years that you value each customer relationship as a partnership that extends well beyond the training session.”


Hudson Levy
Senior Project Manager
Walmart Global eCommerce


“The Ecliptic Consulting Group was recommended to me while I was Director of Training at a $70 Million capital equipment company.ECG worked with my US team and even the seasoned veterans admitted they learned many new approaches and ideas from the sessions. This grew our top line sales by 14% in the first year with ECG! The response was the same at two other companies I’ve brought them into.”


Kit Czarnecki
Program Manager
GE Healthcare


“I want to thank you for the assistance you provided on the Ecological Risk Assessment Training that I gave this winter in Canada. They were very well received. I have no doubt that Phase IV (group persuasion) and the consulting that you provided afterward were extremely important to the success of the program. Many thanks. I promise to continue to rave about your course among my colleagues. There is clearly a broad group at our company that would benefit from the seminar.”


Miranda H. Henning | Principal


“So much of our business had gone international that we knew we needed help. We were simply ill-prepared for the skill-sets needed to conduct business inter-culturally. ECG came into our organization and not only taught us specifically how to handle our international partnerships but also how to effectively persuade across business culture lines. I have taken these skills since and applied them successfully to dramatic positive outcomes. From German business culture to the complexities of doing business in Asia, ECG partnered with us, learned about us, and delivered! Thank you!”


Ann Marie McCullough
3C Scientific


“Simply put, The Ecliptic Group changed the way I interact with others. The course on “Advocacy Skills” they taught over a 2 year period was transformational on both a professional and personal level. I truly believe that the material our instructor delivered has had a profound impact on my career thus far, and I am grateful. The method of delivery was such that it allowed me to visualize, examine, and then deliver the teachings in a very fluid manner. Most of all, through this process, ECG has become a more than a value-add to any organization or company!”


Jared Benton
Integra Life Science


“It has been 10 years since we took our first Persuasive Communication course in the Chicago area, and I am pleased to say that after all these years, we are still profiting from your firm’s programs.”


Mel Panko
National Account Manager
Waste Management


“During your first training program with the National Account Managers, we targeted four accounts. The first contract was renegotiated at a savings of over $200,000. The second account was also a success story with an adjustment in price resulting in a 50 cents per unit positive advantage for Novo Nordisk resulting in $137,000 per year in additional profit. The third account also enabled us to place $223,000 per year to the bottom line. The fourth account we are still working on, but 3 to 4, or a 750 batting average can get you to the Hall of Fame.”


Jim Hunter
Novo Nordisk Pharmaceuticals Inc.


“One of the few that knew our business.”


Jeff Behling
National Sales Manager



“I was very impressed with how relevant and useful your course content was, not to mention your prowess as a facilitator.”


Louise Pearce
Environmental Resources Management


“I know that you spent a lot of time traveling with (our) reps, fine-tuning your knowledge of our business processes and products. This knowledge really came into focus on the examples you used in your courses. Your seminars have been the best-received programs that Sorvall has had in many years of professional training!”


Hugh Tansey
World Wide Commercial Director
Thermo Fisher Scientific


“Our instructor was excellent and a credit to his company. Konica has made a good choice in staying with ECG-Persuasive Communication.”


Brian Curd
Konica Medical Corporation


“Four weeks after training, we’re still inspired by the information we learned in Phase 1. The concepts are immediately applicable to our business development process. For example, we are currently fleshing out specific Needs Analysis questions to capture relevant information during a first sales meeting. Everyone in our group has a different style, but we are becoming more cohesive in our efforts because we now understand our prospects’ decision-making process. Additionally, we won’t waste time on repeated meetings with non-buying prospects. It is now up to us to use persuasive communication skills to transition prospects to clients by understanding their business needs and effectively communicating how we can meet those needs. Also, you have great tips on how to ask difficult questions without feeling awkward or shy and how to avoid the “show up and throw up” sales model, which turns off many prospects. Thank you so much for your continued follow-up and partnering as we discover a new way of developing new business!”


Tima Sensenig
Director of Business Development
Roux Associates, Inc.


“You got to me. You got through to my mind. You got through to my spirit. You have inspired me. The company may never know how much more blood they have gotten out of me because of this course. You have made me aware of my role to inspire those who work for me and that I am empowered to fulfill my own inspiration. I recognize the importance and need for the kind of training your firm provides. I will see to it that the training I have received is a part of our companies ongoing program.”


Jim Legina
Senior Technical Project Manager
Environmental Resources Management


“It was critical for the participants to walk away with a higher level of sales – understanding really how different their selling environment should be treated from other selling environments. I believe you accomplished that.”


Kathy Sample
General Manager, Medical Gases
BOC Gases


“I think you have had an impact on our Sales Force . . . I can see people thinking of you as a member of the team and I think that is a great attribute and compliment.”


Charles L. Wachs
The Wachs Companies


“I mean it when I say that for over twenty years I have attended Zig Zigler training sessions, Xerox and have read many sales books. It has been years since I enjoyed a session as much as yours, and left feeling like turn me loose and let me try these new ideas. Across the board, I would bet you that seasoned sales reps enjoy and appreciate what you teach more than newer reps. I hope we get to learn more from you in the future and you can always count on me to help.”


Steve Sharp


The best part of it has been gaining exposure to many great leaders from various Silicon Valley companies. Not only does the power of speaking translate to advocacy abilities, but it’s an instant job solicitation and recognition skill! For the first time in my life, ppl would hand me their business cards asking me to give them a call, which was a really nice feeling. It was quite an exhilarating experience, now it’s up to me to continue finding opportunities to speak!”


Sid Viswanathan
Johnson & Johnson 

Gold Program


“I was very engaged…I will not forget these concepts…they will certainly help me immediately.”


Matt Gallo
Project Director

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