Professional Corporate Training by Ecliptic

Expert Sales Training & Sales Development Consulting

From Johnson and Johnson worldwide engineering to the top firms in Environmental Science, developing engineers into a viable and persuasive selling force is our core history.

The unique blending of the technical mind with the personality and charisma to drive face-to-face contact with clients is a key focus of our multi-part sales training courses of Persuasive Communication. We give your firm a successful sales training process that begins with skills and ends with a sustainable growth model on what to do, how to do it, when and how to motivate your client-facing engineers to substantially raise revenues.

Many firms in the science space have excellent offerings, are likely technically astute, have a team of forward deployed engineers, yet they lack the sales training and acumen to maximize the investment of the resource. Ecliptic works with your structure to build lasting and robust sales process through a blend of innovative sales training tools, professional development, and management to allow your firm to dramatically increase client engagement and therefore proposal opportunities. Persuasive Communication-Confidence! Give us a call today at 800-789-3254.