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Sustainabilty Consultants

What does sustainability mean to your business?

Think sustainability and profitability are incongruous? Think again.


Sustainability and profits are now more than ever inextricably linked and companies that think otherwise risk losing their competitive edge or worse.


Ecliptic concentrates on the big “S” of Sustainability by developing your company’s ultimate resource: its people. Ecliptic will develop a sustainability program tailored to your unique business without using generic, off the shelf sustainability plans. Ecliptic brings deep commitment and expertise in sustainable business development. Take a look at our list of clients and testimonials and please contact Ecliptic to learn more about Ecliptic’s Big “S” Sustainability Program.


Sustainability Consulting Services and Philosophy 

Ecliptic has a philosophy about sustainability:

  • Sustainability and profitability are synonymous

  • Embracing sustainability is a business opportunity (“People, Planet, and Profit”)

  • Recognize that increasingly customers and clients see sustainability management as a reflection of quality overall management and success


Ecliptic has a unique approach to sustainability consulting services that concentrate on:

  • Developing people

  • Developing strategies for leadership competencies

  • Enhancing Sustainability public Image (not Green Washing)


Sustainability articles:

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