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Your People Strategy is your Business Strategy

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Business Development

is part of our core history. The approach based on the concepts of Persuasive Communication begins with your Houston company’s overall business strategy and results in a truly custom BD implementation program. The growth in your people along with the new skills they demonstrate creates a new found passion for client interaction which leads to more revenue. Our Houston clients grow their people through a multi stage session track that commences with a course on Persuasive Communication-the building blocks of true professionalism. From this base, we build on the skills making the courses more challenging and valuable as your team implements the strategy. Click here to see what our clients are saying about our Business Development practice and the results they achieve. In a nutshell, business development includes the activities, ideas and initiatives that make a business better. It can involve expanding to new locations, increasing profits and making other strategic decisions to produce further success. Because of that, business development encompasses all facets of a company from sales and marketing to product and vendor management. Every business must have business development goals to balance all of these and other departments. Ecliptic Consulting Group can help your Houston business create a development plan that addresses the specific needs of your company. 

How We Assist With Business Development 

Business development requires making big decisions, and Ecliptic Consulting Group can help you make those decisions. Our experts determine the strengths, opportunities, weaknesses and threats that your Houston company faces. We compare the current state of the market with growth projections, research competitor developments and look into new market opportunities for your business. Our business development team also investigates markets for expansion and how your Houston business could save money to improve profits. 


With a realistic assessment and open mindset, your staff can develop new skills and a passion for success that leads to increased revenues through our program. At Ecliptic Consulting Group, we base our business development strategies on persuasive communication concepts, which are the building blocks of professionalism. Our multi-stage business development program enhances the capability of your staff to achieve the best results. 

Merger and Acquisition
Merger and Acquisition

activity has been slowly returning after the financial debacle of the great recession. As firms attempt to grow into new markets and capabilities, a commonly tapped source for growth is the much-misunderstood merger. Depending on what study you cite, as many as 8 in 10 mergers fail to create business value! (CBS News report 2012). Despite this abominable track record, firms continue to march into mergers with very little people strategy on what to do after we put two companies together.

Because the merger and acquisition market is so vital to firm growth, Ecliptic Consulting Group has created a dedicated practice to assist our growing clients in the dicey arena of mergers and acquisitions.

The top reasons that mergers fail are:

  • Culture Clash: Think of Apple merging with GM and the massacre that would ensue with the people. Corporate culture is vital and yet rarely do firms have a plan for meshing cultures to maximize business value.

  • Post-Merger Wander: The two firms work diligently on the deal to merge and then the integration and merger plan wanders off seemingly without leadership or planning.

  • Being Human: The big personalities that made a firm successful are mismanaged. Often these large personalities persuade staff and many times to the detriment of the firm. Being human, staff begins to actively look for new positions and most go to competitors.

  • Bad Pass: The key players and entrepreneurial spirit of the acquired is a big part of the firm value, yet a few years later, the founders and key principals decide to ‘pursue other interests’. This mess is a bad pass from leadership and is completely avoidable.

We have a powerful record of guiding our clients through successful mergers and acquisitions, specifically the people and culture components.The dicey world of mergers and acquisitions is often hard to navigate for small businesses, especially if the owners have never been involved in a merger or acquisition before. Fortunately, Ecliptic Consulting Group has a strong record of helping businesses through mergers and acquisitions. In particular, we can help you maneuver the company culture and staff components to ensure that the transition goes smoothly. 

The dicey world of mergers and acquisitions is often hard to navigate for small businesses, especially if the owners have never been involved in a merger or acquisition before. Fortunately, Ecliptic Consulting Group has a strong record of helping businesses through mergers and acquisitions. In particular, we can help you maneuver the company culture and staff components to ensure that the transition goes smoothly. 

An Overview of Mergers and Acquisitions

Understanding the term "mergers and acquisitions" is the first step to getting through the process. It refers to consolidating a business with another company or assets. However, mergers and acquisitions are different things and can occur through various financial transactions. 

A merger involves getting shareholder approval to combine the boards of directors for the two involved companies. During the merger, one of the companies is purchased by the other, and the purchased business ceases to exist. For instance, if your business buys another business, a merger would involve your business absorbing the other to create a larger company. The emerging company would operate under new ownership and have a new management structure. 

If your company is involved in an acquisition, however, it would gain a majority stake in the acquired business. Then, the acquired business would cease to exist, and your company would take over its operational management. Other forms of mergers and acquisitions include 


• consolidations, 

• tender offers, 

• acquisitions of assets, and 

• management acquisitions. 


However, mergers and acquisitions can fail for many reasons. The corporate culture may clash, staff may start to look for jobs elsewhere or there could be a lack of planning or leadership. Many mergers and acquisitions missteps can be avoided with the right help. Ecliptic Consulting Group can provide the assistance that your company needs to handle potential mergers and acquisitions. 

Leadership Development
Leadership Development

 delivers your high potentials an opportunity to hone their skills, smooth out their flat spots, and learn to grow in their current role through skill enhancement and collaborative networking.

The next decade in business will demand a new set of leaders that will tackle and solve issues on a global scale. The Ecliptic Consulting Group’s Leadership Development Programs and organizational leadership training sessions have been integrated with strategic planning by multinationals from Johnson and Johnson to Ramboll Environmental.  Many of our LDP graduates are now running and growing companies in more than 42 countries spreading our leadership concepts worldwide while enhancing the talent in their teams. 

Leadership development is essential for individual and organizational success. However, few people are good at leading others without practice. Leadership development gives those with high potential the opportunity to improve their skills and learn how to grow in their careers. The program from Ecliptic Consulting Group includes leadership development training sessions that are integrated with strategic planning from large organizations. 

What Our Leadership Development Program Teaches

Designed for potential and current managers, leadership development is designed around improving the vital skills that leaders must have to achieve success for themselves and your business. These leadership development skills include 


• discipline, 

• effective listening, 

• critical thinking, 

• taking initiative, 

• handling conflicts, 

• delegating tasks, and 

• motivating others. 


Our leadership development program teaches your staff how to bridge the gap between themselves and their subordinates and how to collaborate. It also teaches them how to manage stress, leverage multiple roles and build resilience. With enhanced leadership development skills, they can solve complicated problems and take appropriate actions when changes are necessary. 

Ecliptic Consulting Group aims to prepare graduates for running and growing businesses around the world. Throughout our leadership development program, we provide personalized feedback. Our team also offers an assessment and coaching afterward to ensure that the leadership development courses deliver positive results.

Sustainability Consulting

and profits are now more than ever inextricably linked and Houston companies that think otherwise risk losing their competitive edge or worse.

ECG sustainability consulting concentrates on the big “S” of Sustainability by developing your company’s ultimate resource: its people. Ecliptic will develop a sustainability program tailored to your unique business without using generic, off the shelf sustainability plans. Ecliptic brings deep commitment and expertise in sustainable business development. Take a look at our list of clients and testimonials and please contact ECG to learn more about Ecliptic’s Big “S” Sustainability Program.

At Ecliptic Consulting Group, we use sustainability solutions that encompass a wide variety of strategies and tasks. In general, however, our main objective is to research and implement a game plan that will maximize efficiency and profits for your Houston company. At the same time, your sustainability plan will help your Houston business reduce its impact on the environment. 

Without a proper plan to balance profits and sustainability, your company could lose its edge in competitive markets or worse. Our sustainability consulting services focus on your biggest resource, which is your staff. Rather than use a generic plan, we tailor your sustainability program according to your unique business needs. 

Our process involves identifying your core environmental and social impact and helping your company embrace sustainability as a business opportunity. To many clients and customers, how you manage sustainability reflects the quality of your success. In turn, their perception directly affects your profitability. 

Ecliptic Consulting Group believes that good sustainability consulting requires a high level of trust, strategic insight and technical skill. We can provide all of these elements to enhance your company's public image of sustainability. Our services also concentrate on developing strategies and people to take on sustainability leadership. 


Sustainability Consulting Services and Philosophy 

Ecliptic has a philosophy about sustainability:

  • Sustainability and profitability are synonymous

  • Embracing sustainability is a business opportunity (“People, Planet, and Profit”)

  • Recognize that increasingly customers and clients see sustainability management as a reflection of quality overall management and success


Ecliptic has a unique approach to sustainability consulting services that concentrate on:

  • Developing people

  • Developing strategies for leadership competencies

  • Enhancing Sustainability public Image (not Green Washing)


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